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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a translation service charged?

Usually the translation price is based on the language pair, the number of words in the document, the complexity, the delivery deadline, and the need to prepare the original file and the deliverables. Therefore, each translation is charged differently as every project is unique. My rates for translation and proofreading are available upon request and will be based on your specific requirements, either on a per word or per page basis, or a flat fee based on the number of hours worked. Get in touch to request a quote.

How is the translation process organized?

The translation process usually involves the following steps: 1) File conversion to enable CAT tool support, which are computer-assisted translation tools. 2) Pre-reading; 3) Translation & terminology research; 4) Proofreading & QA processes; 5) Final preparation of the deliverables. It sounds simple, but a high-quality work requires several hours of study, terminology research, and familiarization with similar content to meet industry standards.

How can I send you my document?

You may send your file through email or via cloud sharing platforms such as Dropbox or My Drive. Smart tip: send editable copies whenever possible as this cuts out the costs related to file conversion using OCR tools, which reduces the translation final price.

What if my document is confidential?

Well, there is no need to worry. All projects are subject to a non-disclosure agreement. As a highly experienced professional, I understand that data privacy is essential for the customer’s success.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Payments are accepted in GBP/EUR/USD/BRL via bank transfer, PayPal, or Payoneer. Get in touch so we can discuss further details.

Do you also translate from Portuguese into English, French, and Spanish?

No. It is a highly recommended practice in the Translation industry to work with native speakers of the target language. So, in order to ensure the utmost quality and to tailor the services to your business needs, I only engage with projects from English, Spanish, and French into Portuguese.